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Shall I cut the top off these cosmos to get them flowering? No sign of any buds yet. Grown them from seed in the spring. To be used as gap fillers in my borders. Thanks.

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May need a feed you can nip the tops out to make them bush out but they are a late summer flowers so plenty of time to go yet

Will you plant the whole pot out ?

24 Jun, 2018


Yes will plant them out together. I found that when
You plant them out singularly the effect wasn’t as good in my busy borders.

24 Jun, 2018


I would take the tops out of half of them and you will get a longer display

24 Jun, 2018


Decour, ofcourse I don’t mind. I planted them back in March and have tried to remember to feed them but now they have bolted! They were put putside every day and brought back inside on the cold nights.

25 Jun, 2018

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