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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me how to prune my new Raspberry canes. I know it is not the right time yet but I have never seen raspberries like these. I purchased 6 Glen Fyne canes earlier this year and planted them individually in pots as the area of the garden where they will go is not yet ready. The plants have grown really well and have even started to give me some fruit which I was not expecting until next year - Great!. My problem is the canes, they have grown like a bush with one main stem and other stems coming off them. Do I cut the whole bush down or just the stems which have fruited.
Thanks Cecelia



Only cut the canes that have fruited. They could get a bit unruly, but those give the best berries. The new canes growing now, will fruit next year. Don't cut those. Consider planting them in the ground.

11 Jul, 2018


I think that Cecelia is saying that she is not getting new canes from underground, Bathgate.
Cecelia, what size pot are they growing in, and have you fed them any?

12 Jul, 2018


Did you prune the canes back when you bought them? With summer fruiters you actually miss most of the first season's fruit as you should cut back the previous year's growth to a few inches when you plant them. I'd suggest that you cut them back to a few inches this autumn to encourage new canes for the year after that. Frustrating isn't it? You could always leave one, just to get a taste next year...

12 Jul, 2018


Thank you for your good advice. No I didn't cut them back when I planted them but they are producing lots of fruit and the new shoots are coming through.I will plant them in the ground later this year.The pots they are in are about 14 inch across so too small to be a long term home. I do give them a feed of liquid grow more once a fortnight and they seem happy enough even if they don't look like any raspberry I have ever seen before. Nature is wonderful

12 Jul, 2018


The Growmore will encourage green growth. If you want to feed for fruit try tomato fertilizer.

12 Jul, 2018


Thank you I will use tomato feed instead.

13 Jul, 2018

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