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Hi has any of you members got any ideas to get rid and kill Ivy roots, I have chopped them down as far as I can. regards Trevor Lawrence



Hi Trevor.
I have killed off some of the Ivy in my garden with Resolva Weedkiller but I'm not sure if it went down to the roots, I will most probley find out later LOL, there is a Resolva Xtra Tough Weed Killer ready to use, I pour mine into a "Pump Action Pressure Sprayer" much better to use that way :o)). I may try it on some of the Ivy in the front garden, I think you need to spray it on the leaves so to take it down to the roots.
Good Luck, we both need that LOL.
Jackie x

14 Jul, 2018


If the roots/stems are fairly thick and woody, what will absolutely do the trick is SBK, a brushwood killer. You need to clear away some soil if you can to reveal their bases or roots a bit more, make slashes or cuts into the thick stems and roots if possible, or drill into them with a small woodbit to make a well, then fill the well with neat SBK, or apply neat SBK to the cuts you've made, and cover with something. I usually use upturned pots, and push the soil back around them to keep them in place.

Products like Resolva and glyphosate are unlikely to kill the ivy roots, although will kill back the foliage for a while. Anyway, both need applying to strongly growing green parts, not the roots, so with no green parts, those products won't do anything at all.

14 Jul, 2018


I done what Bamboo done with the upturned pots, it worked a treat, not had any of the dreaded ivy back since and its been about 4 years now. Sorry to people who like ivy.

14 Jul, 2018


I can't grow ivy for all the gold in Fort Knox. I've tried - it's not gonna happen.

14 Jul, 2018


Thanks for the info Bamboo, my problem is it's coming from a neighbouring garden, the bungalow has been sold due to the lady passing away, no sign of the new owners yet, its been a month so far & the grass is waist high, I could climb over but knowing my luck I'll get caught for being on private property, mind you the fence is rotting, Ha! Ha! I could quickly nick a bit of their ground by putting up a new fence LOL, Nah! I'd get caught LOL, plus its their fence, better wait till they show themselves & have a word :o)).

15 Jul, 2018

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