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What should I use to prevent weeds growing?
I'm finding the garden too much this year. We've been away a lot and it's so depressing when I get back and see the work which needs doing. So I'm considering giving the vegetable beds a rest next year.
The beds measure 4'x30', and I want to cover them to keep the weeds at bay. I'm thinking of buying some black polythene. Would this be a suitable material to use? If so, does anyone have any recommendations of what sort I should buy, and where to buy from? If polythene isn't a good idea, what else would people recommend? I don't want to use old carpet, it's too heavy for me to cope with, and also needs disposing of afterwards.
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Polythene is also a pain in the derriair. I suggest planting a cover crop to 'hold' the bed for when you're ready to use. Then you just turn it under - nothing to discard. It all just breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil.

Here is a website which goes into detail:

5 Cover Crops for Your Small-scale Garden

22 Jul, 2018


I use weed suppressor material, I have a layer of large stones on mine so to look like a beach garden, it works to a point but a 'few' weed seeds land on the area & take root but easy to pull up, if you added a thick layer of bark on top I'm sure that would work for you, as I said you'll get some odd weeds.
Good Luck
Jackie T xx

23 Jul, 2018


I used black polythene of the sort that farmers wrap silage in (given to me by a farmer friend). Worked like a dream but not pretty - but then none of the solutions is pretty! Only matters if the veg garden isn't out of sight though. (mine was on an allotment)Heavy duty is best really - it is too flimsy it could rip in bad weather. Cheap pond liner might do the trick?

23 Jul, 2018

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