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seed pods


By Bren


Hi everybody,
Hubby and I go on holiday next Friday,and some of my plants have set seed but the pods are not yet ripe,can I pick and store them before they are ripe,cos some of the seeds I really want to have a go with next year.
thanks everybody



Hello bren.
No need to do that.Just put a food bag over the top of them and secure it with a bread wrapper or something similar...Then go on your hols and when you return the seeds will be waiting for you ready bagged.
Hope this helps

17 Aug, 2008


Sorry Buffriddler I must be thick,what is your definition of a "food bag"and what is a Bread wrapper
Do you mean paper bag and is the bread wrapper, the plastic covered wire ties,I am so sorry,perhaps my brains gone in anticipation of my hols

17 Aug, 2008


Spot on Bren
any polythene bag will do and anything you have to tie the bags on will be fine too.

17 Aug, 2008

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