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By Damow

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone. Can someone suggest a medium to large growing shrub for a sunny corner well drained with 6ft fence on 2 sides trapping the sun, but also open to generally prevailing wind and rain? As disease/pest resistant as possible, pollinator friendly and giving good autumn colour? I know i know, the perfect plant!
Was thinking of cotinus variants but without the problems. Liking the green one especially. Any thoughts? In the UK by the way. Thanks.



You are going to get a rush of people's favourite shrubs and I would also embrace the ones that are prolific in your surrounding location. Amalanchier canadensis would be my choice. The leaves will open with a bronze colour and then a smothering of white flowers. The flowers will, in turn produce a purple to black fruit. Blackbirds absolutely adore these but so do the wood pigeons. In autumn the leaves will turn orange, yellow and red. I have one as a centrepiece in my front garden.

12 Aug, 2018


Maybe one of the Rosa rugosa varieties?

12 Aug, 2018


Do you know Viburnum Mariesii? It’s lovely all year: very pretty white flowers followed by bronze leaves. A Nandina (heavenly Bamboo) would also be good as it’s evergreen, has white flowers, and has attractive differently coloured leaves which change randomly through the seasons.

12 Aug, 2018


Sorry about the delay getting back. Thanks all. Of the 3 suggested, V. mariesii & A. canadensis tick the right boxes, though the Amelanchier gives me concern re fireblight?
Reason being that said corner of garden previously had a beautiful orange berry sorbus that succumbed to first leaf curling then browning/blighting of same, followed by eventual dead wood throughout...and when I came to dig it out, the trunk just literally pulled out of the ground, roots all....GONE! Looking at the Viburnum with renewed interest. Once again thank you all.

25 Aug, 2018

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