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calceolaria integrifolia care?


By Darry

I have a calceolaria integrifolia plant in a pot on the patio. It was doing well in the spring but the beast from the east totally flattened it. I cut off the really badly burned parts and it seems to have recovered really well with loads of flowers, but its a bit droopy. Should I cut it back or leave it as it is? I didn't have care instructions when I bought it & need to do the right thing.



This plant is classed as a sub shrub or evegreen perennial, but it is not hardy in the UK, so is usually grown as an annual outdoors during summer. It does not like temperatures below 5 degrees C, so if you want to try to keep it, it is best removed to a heated greenhouse from autumn through winter, or a conservatory or a windowsill indoors once summer ends. You can cut it back if you want, but you may not get much growth this late in the year, nor many more flowers outdoors.

19 Aug, 2018


Well, in my experience with the species, it doesn't like heat any more than it likes frost. I would get a terra cotta pot 5-10 cm wider than the one it's in. I'd set the pot it's in inside the terra cotta pot, up on something so the rims are at the same level--without blocking the drainage holes. Then I would fill the space between the pots with garden soil, or cheap kitty litter, and keep it moist. Water evaporates through the terra cotta, and helps keep the roots cool. This, of course is assuming that it isn't already planted in a terra cotta pot.

19 Aug, 2018


You're right, Tug, it does prefer cool temperatures, so the heatwave we had here it won't have liked... but it won't survive a British winter outdoors...will bite the dust with the first frost, usually early November... if not during October.

19 Aug, 2018


We occasionally grow it as a winter annual, here, though we have to pick a frost free location for it. We more often grow C. x herbeohybrida.

20 Aug, 2018


Living in the UK, its hard to imagine an outdoor flowering winter annual- we have winter pansies, but they stop flowering when it gets cold and just sit there... its a different world!

20 Aug, 2018

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