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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I’ve got Japanese Anenome in my garden and whilst the flowers are beautiful at this time of year I just see it as a thug and spreading everywhere. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to dig it out but I obviously don’t get all the roots as it keeps coming back.
I recently stayed at a hotel that had an amazing cutting garden and wonderful herbaceous border but noticed they had got the Anenome.
I asked the head gardener if he sees it as a thug and he said he just enjoys the flowers and digs out when it becomes too much.
Shall I accept I’m losing a battle and just learn to like the plant?
Have any of you had any success digging it out completely?



I have the same problem. The only thing to do is keep pulling them up when you see them. I have pulled up stems with a ten/twelve inch piece of root so I'm not digging that far down to get rid of it but in my garden it has spread all over in the years I've had it. My sister has it too and it's stayed where she planted it and just made a clump.

19 Aug, 2018


I find September charm less thuggish than Queen Charlotte, she has tried to take over. I dig it out when it gets too big. in my brother's garden Queen Charlotte struggles to get established.

so like the gardener you spoke too, I enjoy them and then dig out what I don't want .

19 Aug, 2018


Took over 5 years of spraying with weed killer every time a leaf showed to get rid of it from one patch. Given up everywhere else.

19 Aug, 2018


The white ones are quite well behaved, and prettier (!); they don’t spread as rapidly as the pink ones. But I wish you luck.

19 Aug, 2018


I dig mine up out or if feeling generous pot them up and put them at the end of my drive and give them away! I also plant them in areas with difficult growing conditions such a windy spot, lots of shade and they tend to behave better.

19 Aug, 2018


This is a plant that was in the garden when we came, in a circular bed. It spread from there into the lawn and elsewhere. I have dug it up repeatedly, sprayed with weed killer and still it comes back. Now I just keep digging each piece out as much as possible when it appears and it seems to be weakening it - I live in hope! Best of luck I would just keep at it whenever it appears, no doubt it's well behaved in places, but not here.

19 Aug, 2018


Hi, I have tried on several occasions to grow this in my garden, all without success, it usually returns the year after I've planted it, about half the size, and disappears entirely the following year, never to be seen again, so it annoys me to hear everyone saying what a thug it is, it certainly isn't in my garden, [unfortunately] as I love the flowers, Derek.

19 Aug, 2018


I have both white and pink anenomes in my garden and next spring they will be travelling to my niece's garden. She has three boys who play ball games and will be pleased to have such robust plants in her garden.

19 Aug, 2018


I'm in the same boat as Derek! I love Japanese anemones and have grown them for many years in several different gardens but they never bulk up at all. When I see a good display of them I'm so envious! And they're such useful plants at this time of year. Be grateful for them and just pull 'em up where they're not wanted.

20 Aug, 2018

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