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Hi peeps can anyone tell me what this is I say weed neighbours undecided its nearly 7ft

Img_20180907_144054 Img_20180907_144103 Img_20180907_144116



Could do with more info? How old is it? No flowers or buds?
Are the leaves reasonably stiff & slightly waxy/glossy?
Could be a thornless climbing rose but it's really hard to tell from photos. I'd cut it to two foot & see what happens next year

7 Sep, 2018


It does look like a rose but how did you come by it - did it jut appear and if so was that in a place that roses grew before?

8 Sep, 2018


Hi thanks for the reply it just appeared this year the pot has what was supposed to be a patio rose but is dead well I think it's dead it went all Brown and brittle and is much smaller than the other 3 which came with it and are all thriving could it be a sucker??

8 Sep, 2018


Unlikely to be a sucker from rootstock because you wouldn't graft a patio rose onto something that grew to 7 foot would you?! I might but sensible people wouldn't ;-)
I'm sure someone will know better than me though

8 Sep, 2018


It does look like a rose sucker though doesn't it?

9 Sep, 2018


Sure does.

9 Sep, 2018


It does :-)
Maybe grafting a small rose onto a really vigorous root does make sense thinking about it

10 Sep, 2018

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