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Monkey Puzzle Tree 16" Seedling

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Will araucaria angustifolia seedling 16" tall (and branching) survive winter planted in-ground in zone 8a provided I use mulch to protect roots? If appropriate I'll plant it soon (as of today 10/03/18) so the roots will have some time to be established before winter. I'm reading that this species is hardy to this zone, but in what stage of it's growth?

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usually if said to be hardy its from the seed stage as germinating takes place. It will in time become a very large tree so make sure you plant it well away from the house. you can plant now as the soil is still warm and it should establish well.

welcome to GoY too.

3 Oct, 2018


I agree with Seaburngirl, as regards Araucaria araucana,which is the monkey puzzle tree, but you say this is A angustifolia, which is parana pine, Brzillian pine, or candelabra tree, which is native to Brazil, nd is an endangered species there, it prefers a well drained slightly acidic soil, but will tolerate almost any soil, provided it has good drainage, it needs a sub tropical climate, with plenty of rainfall, but will tolerate occasional frosts down to 23 to -4f, but this probably refers to more mature plants, Derek.

3 Oct, 2018


Seaburngirl: That's what I needed to know and I appreciate the welcoming.

Derek: You've made a good observation bringing to my attention that "monkey puzzle" (a. araucana) and "Brazilian monkey puzzle" (a less-common name for a. angustifolia) are two different species. I appreciate the growing information you provided for a. angustifolia as well.

It looks like I'll be planting the seedling as I'd hoped for.

4 Oct, 2018

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