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Please could some one offer advice on the following query from a keen but novice Gardener. I have bought two ‘prunus cerasifera hessei’ trees for the front garden which is in need of some spring cheer. The garden gets plenty of sunshine in the summer and autumn but minimal at this time of year. Would the lack of sun in the winter reduce the blossom significantly? If so they weren’t cheap trees and I will find another home for them.



No, it won't reduce the number of flowers if they get sun when you say, but you might find they flower later than they should do if you live in a colder area of the country, and that might affect your decision to keep or return. This plant prefers full sun, but so do lots of plants, and they generally perform reasonably well with less than full sun.

3 Feb, 2019


They only need sun during active growth. I have the same situation on my back flower bed. Shade in winter, partial sun in Spring, full sun all Summer into Fall, then it wanes as they go dormant. They seem to flower to their fullest potential. I usually have to trim them back once, then they'll send up more flowers.

4 Feb, 2019


Do you mean that Prunus will flower again the same season if you cut the back? But if you cut them back after flowering you'll get no cherry plums??

5 Feb, 2019

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