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Best Tom types for Hanging Baskets?
Any recommendations for a compact but productive, tasty, cherry type for this year?



Tumbling Tom seems to be very popular. I don't grow them, but everybody who does is very pleased. I think you will be too.

4 Feb, 2019


Thanks BG, I particularly like the idea of the yellow type

4 Feb, 2019


Balcony was thrilled with the ones he grew last year - sorry can't remember what they were - wait a bit, I think they were Red Robin.- He did send me a couple of young ones and they were really prolific, but they were red ones...)

5 Feb, 2019


Thanks Stera, I'll read up on those

5 Feb, 2019


I don't care what color they are so long as they taste good. I will say my eye sight improves dramatically when tomato season rolls around. It's because of the high concentration of lycopene & vitamin A which are more abundant in red tomatoes.

5 Feb, 2019 that really a noticeable improvement in your eyesight? If it is, I will start eating more tomatoes!

6 Feb, 2019


Yes Karen. I notice a definite improvement.

6 Feb, 2019


Thanks :)

7 Feb, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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