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Best Tom types for Hanging Baskets?
Any recommendations for a compact but productive, tasty, cherry type for this year?



Tumbling Tom seems to be very popular. I don't grow them, but everybody who does is very pleased. I think you will be too.

4 Feb, 2019


Thanks BG, I particularly like the idea of the yellow type

4 Feb, 2019


Balcony was thrilled with the ones he grew last year - sorry can't remember what they were - wait a bit, I think they were Red Robin.- He did send me a couple of young ones and they were really prolific, but they were red ones...)

5 Feb, 2019


Thanks Stera, I'll read up on those

5 Feb, 2019


I don't care what color they are so long as they taste good. I will say my eye sight improves dramatically when tomato season rolls around. It's because of the high concentration of lycopene & vitamin A which are more abundant in red tomatoes.

5 Feb, 2019 that really a noticeable improvement in your eyesight? If it is, I will start eating more tomatoes!

6 Feb, 2019


Yes Karen. I notice a definite improvement.

6 Feb, 2019


Thanks :)

7 Feb, 2019


I grew some 'Red Robin' tomatoes in hanging baskets last year. It was my first time ever at growing tomatoes in hanging baskets.

The are upright tomatoes but no taller than 30cm (1 foot) I grew 4 plants in each basket & they did me very well! They are tiny tomatoes but very tasty! Each plant produces many, many fruits & they went on till the end of October.

I'm going to grow some more this year. 👍😀

28 Feb, 2019


Thanks Balcony! Still yet to buy any small type tom seed so those go on the list. A Wilko's visit was on the cards but I still haven't heard from them about a £5 diverter for my water butt so I'm reluctant to pay a fiver bus fare on the off chance it'll be in stock

28 Feb, 2019

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