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Daffodils flowers and leaves literally snapped!

Some daffoil that were planted in the open got severly damaged by some strong winds. Will the be ok next year?



Daffs take nutrients back into their bulbs as the leaves die back so completely losing their leaves early could weaken them. Take advantage of the rain & sprinkle a balanced, granular fertiliser over the area now, that should compensate

8 Mar, 2019


if there is some leaf still showing then they will still make a new bulb next year but they may not flower until the following year.
they snap easier if there has been rain then winds. the stems are firm/rigid with water and then snap.

8 Mar, 2019


I am sure they will b ok for next year.....if you can salvage any of the daffs for a vase inside that would be a bonus.
They are very resilient bulbs and always come up trumps. I am not talking US president here!
Keep us informed.

9 Mar, 2019

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