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By Darren8

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Spraying Pressure from my Butt?
Finally plumbed in my 250 litre water butt today.
I'm wondering whether, when full, would I have enough weight of water to make a hosepipe spray my teeny garden?




Hi Darren, I doubt very much if you would have enough pressure for a hosepipe spray, but you might have enough pressure for a seep hose, Derek'

19 Mar, 2019


Or, with a good filter, a drip system.

20 Mar, 2019


I doubt it Darren, as it empties the pressure will drop considerable and it will end up more of a dribble. seep hose will work well but if we have a dry summer it will rarely have enough water in it.

20 Mar, 2019


Thanks guys! Not one of you made a joke of the title😄
I guess it's back to lugging watering cans this year...

20 Mar, 2019


I did laugh when I saw it and assumed you hadn't noticed. :o)

20 Mar, 2019


Seaburn you're welcome to give me all the comedy slaps I deserve!

20 Mar, 2019


well my 'gut' reaction was to say something 'cheeky'! But didn't know if you'd have the 'stomach' for it. ;o)

21 Mar, 2019

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