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By Phloxie

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a couple of reasonable size pots with crocuses in which have now finished flowering. Do I need to leave them in the pots to die down naturally like those in the garden or do I treat them different as they have been grown in a pot?



Leave them to die down naturally. Once they go completely dormant, you can elect to transplant them elsewhere.

22 Mar, 2019


I usually leave them to die down but as they are in pots a foliar feed would help prepare for next year. there have been times when I have knocked them out still in leaf and then I've planted them into the garden/ again watered and fed well.

22 Mar, 2019


That's what I'd sugest too so you can free up your pots for something else. Try not to damage the roots though.

22 Mar, 2019


I am currently feeding my pots of crocus with weak Tomorite and will do so weekly until the leaves start to die back - probably next month. I then let the pots dry out and empty the corms out for inspection and repotting for next year. Alternatively, whilst they are still in growth, you could tip them out now as the roots will bind the whole potfull together and plant as one group in the ground.

23 Mar, 2019


Many thanks to everyone who replied. The answer I hoped for was that I could take them out of the pots to free the pots up for other plants which was the majority of answers. Once again thank you.

23 Mar, 2019

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