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By Fgt

South Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

This year Im unable to construct my normal construction to suport my runner beans owing to a medical condition, I have been thinking about trying the wigwam method any help would be useful as this is the first ever atempt of this method



Wigwam? Is that anything like a Teepee? or tripod? I've seen it done. I've even seen them climbing up corn stalks.

25 Mar, 2019


yes good sturdy bamboo canes are ideal. I have 6-8ft ones. you can do it several ways. If limited for space, push 6 canes in the ground 10-12" apart then tie the canes together at the top. repeat as many times as you need wigwams.

or put 2 rows of canes 1ft apart and 1.5ft across from each row. tie rows together and then add a ridge cane to hold them all together.

both methods work well and are easy to put together.

hope you feel better soon too.

25 Mar, 2019


just a thought. you can buy plastic/rubber top cane supports that have slots that means you don't have to tie them with string. wilkos sell them they are only a few quid and save string.

25 Mar, 2019

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