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What is the best feed for plants at this time of year? I have chicken pellets and blood, fish and bone. Would either of these be good?



Chicken pellets & fish/bone are excellent fertilizers. Not sure about blood though I'm sure it has nutrients, but too much can be problematic. Certain plants only require trace amounts.

25 Mar, 2019


I would wait until the frosts are over as chicken pellets are high in nitrogen and young, soft shoots can be burnt off with early morning frosts. As regards BFB, the blood content, it is a fast-acting source of nitrogen and was used for the growth of lettuces in market gardens but I'm going back quite a long time ago.

25 Mar, 2019


fish blood and bone is fine as they are all combined as an 'ash'. I tend to use compost and leaf mould from my bins as well as growmore. I was given chicken pellets as well and they seemed to do the job too.

the only specialist feeds are ones for the camellia as it has components to help the plant pick up some of the minerals that my chalk soil inhibits.

25 Mar, 2019


Thanks for the speedy answers. I'll hold the chicken manure for now and do as you do SBG and put compost or leafmould on for now.

25 Mar, 2019


For plants that are heavy feeders like tomatoes, potatoes & peppers, they would do well with the chicken & fish/bone, but wait for them to blossom and go with a diluted amount and not full strength.

25 Mar, 2019


Tjankyou Bathgate, I don't grow veg except tomatoes in a hanging basket.

26 Mar, 2019

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