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Meconposis or.......what?

Last autumn I sowed some meconopsis seeds. I sowed a variety of suppliers' seeds. One (set) from Thompson and Morgan; one from an online suppler; and. one from a friend.

The online supplier's seeds germinated the best and have over wintered well. However, for some time now I have suspected that these are not meconopsis seedlings and would like opinions on this. To me they look very like weeds. The seeds were germinated outdoors under cover.

Dscn6040 Dscn6041



I thought they were possibly Willow Herb seedlings especially that they have spent time outside. Only a guess though.

28 Mar, 2019


Agree - not Meconopsis anyway

28 Mar, 2019


I'd say willow herb too. Shame it's such a pest...

28 Mar, 2019


Yes, Willow Herb seeds that have contaminated the compost, unlikely to be from the suppliers seed.

28 Mar, 2019


Many thanks. It looks very like a weed that grows in the garden and it could be willow herb. No idea how so much of it got into the propagator unless it was in the seed packet. There are now a couple of new seedlings germinated that do look more like meconopsis and I will bring them on and see what develops.

28 Mar, 2019


It's a ridiculously good self seeder! It'll grow in mountain scree so it would have no troubles in an open bag of gravel

28 Mar, 2019

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