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Can anyone identify this please? It comes up every year looking very promising and then it dies - no sign of a flower of any kind.




do you mean the pale green leaves? if so there appears to be 3 pinky/red tulip flowers. top left and top middle and middle right.

I have some called little beauty that look like this.

28 Mar, 2019


The only thing I can come up with is that you have some bulbs here that have become congested and gone 'blind' i.e. they are no longer producing flowers. Why don't you get your fork in around the edge of the clump and see what you can ease out of the soil. Whatever it is, it's not working for you so can't do any harm. If it does turn out to be bulbs you could just try splitting and replanting or bin them and plant something nicer. :)

28 Mar, 2019


Thank you both. The little tulips growing through were only planted last winter and just happen to be in 'the clump'. I think digging round the edge is a good idea and see what's in there.

28 Mar, 2019


You could also try feeding them while the leaves are present, using something like Miracle Gro General purpose once or twice a week and see if they produce flowers next year, cos my money's on them being bulbs of some sort.

29 Mar, 2019


At this time I would guess at snowdrops.

29 Mar, 2019


do the leaves smell like onions? it could be an allium like molly. [golden garlic]

I think digging up around the edge is a good idea and feeding them too.

29 Mar, 2019


I was of the same opinion as Bulbaholic, as I have something similar in my front garden. I might have had a better idea if I knew how high they have grown. As Karen says if they fail to flower over a couple of years, then I would bin them.

29 Mar, 2019


Thank you all. I did as Karen suggested and dug up a few from the edge and yes, quite tiny bulbs. I will try feeding now and see if any better next year - or even this year. They don't smell of onion and are about 30cm high.

31 Mar, 2019

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