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Good afternoon all, I'm new to doing seeds so does this look all right, is it ok to just spray with water? there are some coming through which is great.




Hi Charnwood! If some are germinating, then you are doing fine! I'd start watering them from the bottom to avoid them getting dried out after germination. Once they are germinated, they will need a bit more than a spray, and you want the water to be at the roots, rather than on the foliage. :)

29 Mar, 2019


Are you covering them with a transparent lid or anything? That'll help maintain steady moisture levels. Little sprouts will die really quickly if they do dry out.

29 Mar, 2019


Thanks I'll do as advised, am due for a hip op on Wednesday so can only hope the oh will do his best to care for them 🙄

29 Mar, 2019


Get them to put an extra spring in your hip! That way you'll be able to give OH more hoof if he fails☺

29 Mar, 2019

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