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Best lavender variety for terracotta pots throughout the summer. Is there a particular lavender that is better suited to potentially getting quite dry in a confined pot? I personally prefer the ‘Hidcote’ variety.



I can't think of any reason why you cannot grow Hidcote English Lavender in a terracotta pot. Success requires quite a commitment of patience and care on your part. Though this is a compact variety, the pot should be deep enough to accommodate an extensive tap root which can take 3 years to develop. Until then, it needs lots of water and very specific care you must be willing to meet. Very rewarding and useful herb to grow in many ways.

30 Mar, 2019


The many varieties of Lavandula stoechas, French Lavender always look good when in flower in the garden centres but in my own opinion, that's where it ends. They never seem to live up to expectations in the following years. So, as Bathgate recommends, it would be Hidcote lavender for me every time, being the most reliable and the best.

31 Mar, 2019


I've used 'Munstead' with great success too. its a deeper colour too which I preferred.

I was at the HPS AGM yesterday, hosted by our East Yorks group. Andy McIndoe, was one of our speakers[author of Shrubs] said that for the British climate English lavender is a better shrub that the more delicate French lavender. It is a longer lived shrub and is happy in pots or in the ground.

lavenders do well in pots and as they have the foliage typical of the Mediterranean they don't need excessive water. if you grow rosemary successfully then treat lavender in the same way.

31 Mar, 2019


Thanks guys. That’s very helpful.

1 Apr, 2019

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