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Can you split Festuca Elijah Blue please.mine has got very big.Thank you



Answered above.

1 Apr, 2019


Sorry Derekm, No idea what I have done.

2 Apr, 2019


Hi Callie, no problem, it's very easy to post a question more than once, if your computer is a bit slower than usual, you can get the impression that it hasn't posted, and click ''send'' again, when a question is answered on the other posting, it will look like a separate question, and after 3 days, will appear in the 'unanswered'questions box, answering as I have, just helps to keep the box clear.
This is the second time I've posted this comment as well, no idea what happened to the first comment, Derek.

2 Apr, 2019


Thank you Derek,Thats probably what I did,I have just had a new computer,and still getting to grips with it,Thanks again,Callie.

3 Apr, 2019

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