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Please can anyone tell me if I can split my Festuca Elijah Blue,it has got very big thank you.



Now is a ideal time to split , I would use two forks back to back then prise apart I personaly dont like using a spade to divide grasses I think causes too much damage but thats my choice , make sure you plant same depth ....


31 Mar, 2019


Thank you Gg,most helpful, I will have a go tomorrow.

31 Mar, 2019


yes you can, it is an ideal time.
in the past I have used a bread knife to saw through a clump. you will lose the odd bit but if you don't have 2 garden forks then its a good solution.

I had one that was about 1ft across and I ended up with 6 good sized bits. as said plant to the same depth, water well for a week or two if you don't get rain. then reduce the watering as it takes on its own water through new roots.

31 Mar, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl,good idea about the bread knife,I do not have two garden forks,and was going to borrow one,but I have an old bread knife,thanks again,

31 Mar, 2019

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