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Sedum & Sempervivums from Seed.
I'm going to start from nothing to try to build up a collection of semps & sedum so I thought I'd try seed first then add single specimens at the end of Summer.
I'd love any growing tips & experiences but, obviously, need a good online seed supplier first so if anyone can recommend one?
Low price would be completely secondary to a good mix of varieties from a reputable supplier or even a specialist if anyone knows of one?



If you hurry, has a huge selection. This year the bonus seed pack they send is Aeonium canariense (50 seeds!). Their seeds are very good, and full of unusual varieties. I just placed another order from them for 3 varieties of guave. A lot of my moraea and gladiolus seeds came from them. There are also articles on how to start the seeds.

6 Apr, 2019


Seed of these is very fine, so don't try sowing it in a windy spot!. Seriously, the best way to sow it is to use well drained compost, put a layer of grit on top then sow the seeds on that. Water by putting the pot in a soaking tray and allowing it to take up the water rather than overhead watering, unless you can find a fine, gentle water sprayer.
If you get really into Sedums then try joining the Sedum Society and getting seeds from their seed list.

6 Apr, 2019


Thanks Wylie, I think that site might be a bit too exotic, nice to look at though☺
OB, thanks! Just the sort of info I need to get started. Having looked online I can probably get 250 mixed seeds of each for a tenner Incl. P&P. Then I can keep the best ones & sell the rest to raise some pennies for the garden group.
What sort of surface area would I need to sow 250 seeds if I made a big tray? Or would I be better getting a load of those cheap plastic module sheets?

6 Apr, 2019


Sorry did not see this sooner.
I use half depth pots of about 6 ins diameter. You would need 5 to 8 of them for that many seeds.

11 Apr, 2019


Thanks OB!

11 Apr, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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