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Hya can you give Advice on this Problem I have a Compost Bin everything thing seems fine except it is always covered in little flies they are light coloured and they are all over the top of the Compost don't know what they are or how to get rid of them would appreciate any Advice on this Problem Thanking you



You threw something in there they like to eat. It's really not a problem. The flies are simply doing their job - decompose. Try mixing it around and through a few shovels of garden soil on top, and move the bin away from the house where you can't see it.

7 Apr, 2019


they are probably a type of fruit fly and they are part of the rotting process. stir the materials around in the bin will help speed up the process. also leave the lid off and the birds will have a feast.

7 Apr, 2019


Whilst I agree they're a part of the composting process I also know they can be off-putting. Try putting corn flour into a fine sieve & giving the surface of the compost a good dusting. It'll collect on the flies, get moist & clog them up

7 Apr, 2019


then that will kill them and alter how the compost decomposes. Not exactly helping the compost break down. better to turn the compost and leave the lid off or put a thin layer of soil on the top as Bathgate suggests.

7 Apr, 2019


On the other hand if a person really doesn't like the flies, which are probably eating mould so aren't main decomposers, & gives up on composting then the outcome is worse?
Plus with corn flour you get free micro-tempura­čśä

8 Apr, 2019


its the fly maggots that do the main decomposing not the adults. there waste products then provide nutrients for the decomposing fungi etc etc. it is a cyclic nature.

just leave the lid up then when you add extra material to the compost bin they wont fly up in a cloud. :o)

8 Apr, 2019


I'm for adding a thinnish layer of soil or lawn mowings, just enough to completely cover the surface - that stops them. Works for me every time.

8 Apr, 2019


Hya some good advice there that I will try a few of these and get rid of the problem, Thanks to everyone for taking time to answer, I always use this site as I always get really good advice so Thanks again

6 Sep, 2019

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