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Hya I usually Grow First Early Potatoes in Containers but never get many Potatoes from them have tried Growing in Garden got lots of Potatoes but usually covered in Rust marks or got lots of small slugs in them, so not edible can anybody give some Advice on this Problem Thanking you



Some varieties of potatoes are more susceptible to rust than others. Can also be caused by alkaline soils. You could try to line the trenches with you first lawn clippings to make the soil more acidic. As far as slugs are concerned, I would dig the planting site over in the early winter to allow the frosts to penetrate the soil to kill the slugs. If you only intend to grow a few earlies, then have another go at the containers. I would say that the secret is to use potato fertiliser as they will be greedy feeders and make sure that they have plenty of water.

7 Apr, 2019


Sorry if I'm 'stating the bleeding obvious' but are you earthing up in stages in your containers?

7 Apr, 2019


Hya Thanks for all your Answers, and advice much appreciated will try a few of these for one that suits, cheers

6 Sep, 2019

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