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How are your aquilegia?

Noticed today some of my aquilegia seem to have the signs of downy mildew. :o(
This has devastated one of the national collections of aquilegia. I bought some small ones 2 years ago and it is mainly these that have succumbed.

Aquilegia_2 Aquilegia



Mine seem to have disappeared...

12 Apr, 2019


Here in North Yorks mine are looking healthy and just started to put up stems.

12 Apr, 2019


That's a shame for you Sbg. Mine are looking good down here on the South coast.

13 Apr, 2019


Sorry to see that as it's one of my favourite plants and I've got them everywhere just adore everything about them, don't know how to help you, hope someone else can.

14 Apr, 2019


Oh well that answers a question for me, I have lots in the garden all fine so far, many just beginning to bud up, however I purchased some new plants, reputable company and one I have dealt with on many an occasion with very good results, they were a good size, I placed them into the g'house for a while, hardened them off gradually, all healthy looking plants but they have all succumbed much to my disappointment, guess I chose the wrong year to buy..

14 Apr, 2019


i bought some last year that got mildew just as they were looking healthy and promising. I just gave up on them and ignored them. This year 4 out of the six are looking good again, but having read this, I'm wondering whether I'm in for another disappointment!

16 Apr, 2019


I just hope that semi-aquilegia aren't going to succumb to it too.

advice is to dig out and burn or bag and bin rather than compost in the council bins. certainly don't put in your own compost bins as they wont get hot enough to kill the spores.

17 Apr, 2019

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