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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Shall I set any Carrot seeds yet in my garden (Cambridgeshire) if not when?



Yes, go ahead and plant your carrots. They are fairly cold tolerant plants anyway.

13 Apr, 2019


generally I sow late April early May so that I don't need to protect them from any frosts. if you do sow now just be aware late frosts may be a problem so you can use fleece.

Don't add any fresh manure to your soil as it will cause forking. also remove any stones you find when you are preparing the soil. as that can also cause the carrots to fork.

13 Apr, 2019


I usually plant my 1st crop in April, followed by a 2nd crop in August which I leave in the ground and harvest through the winter. They tend to be sweeter, the cold weather preserves them very well & keeps them pest free.

13 Apr, 2019


Thanks everybody who replied to my Question .

16 Apr, 2019

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