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Good afternoon all, do my Cosmas seedlings look ok they've gone tall and are touching the roof of the tray so what is the next step please.




OK so now you should pot up each seedling individually. Grow them on a bit before planting them in the garden. Disposable drinking cups from the supermarket might be more economical. Poke a drainage hole at the bottom of each cup and pot up each seedling in its own cup. Then prepare a planting bed somewhere in your garden. After a couple weeks, plant each seedling in the garden.

17 Apr, 2019


Many thanks

17 Apr, 2019


You are welcome. They are very delicate. A tea spoon is very handy for lifting them out and placing them into individual pots. Then give them each a drink to settle them in.

17 Apr, 2019


once you have potted them up leave the lid off except at night and ensure they have plenty of light.
I use either a pencil or kids short knitting needle to lift them out.

17 Apr, 2019


I would give them all the light you can and leave them until they have another pair of leaves.
I use the other end of a teaspoon or a plant label to lift them out of the seed tray. I wonder what other people use?

If they are too tall to put the propagator lid over them you can always use a sheet of plastic, a plastic bag, some fleece etc - just something to keep in a bit of warmth and humidity overnight.

17 Apr, 2019

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