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My salvia microphylla trewithen cerise is still not showing any ground-level growth although there is plenty at the top. The cuttings I took last year have not done well either.
What do you suggest?



Patience is all I can suggest . . . hope your Salvia has survived and has not been frosted? This is one of the tender ones, so is best kept sheltered in the winter.

19 Apr, 2019


if you have top growth then reduce a couple of these stems to see if that will stimulate growth from the base of these shoots. Try rooting the top growth that you have cut off.

19 Apr, 2019


Sheilabub, I think it will be ok because there is so much top-growth. Thankyou for commenting.
I shall try what SBG suggests and go from there. Thankyou SBG!
I have lost all six of last year's salvia amistad which are wonderful, but this is the second time they have all perished in the winter. I do have some cuttings for this year but I won't have them again. I read in Sarah Raven's catalogue that there is now a frost hardy one that is similar.

20 Apr, 2019


Aren’t we lucky to have expert gardeners like SBG on this website? Invaluable advice 🙂

21 Apr, 2019


yes Amistad is not frost hardy. a member of our hps group puts hers in the conservatory every September. the conservatory never falls below 15c so she always has them. she sells them at our plant table but rarely tells people that they are not hardy where we are. It is left to me to explain to them how to care for them. then the following spring I get blamed for those that haven't survived the winter :(
thanks for the vote of confidence Sheila ;o)

21 Apr, 2019

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