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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I would really like yo plant a Rowan tree in my garden but does anyone know how tall it will grow ?



Mine which is 20yrs old is about 15ft tall. they don't get much bigger than that. they respond to pollarding, the local council turned a street of them into lollipops and int he autumn with the berries and red leaves looked stunning.
I have left mine au natural. I personally think it is one of the nicest small native trees there is. Its going to be a good year for blossom.

21 Apr, 2019 you know the name of the variety that has red berries...I think Joseph sorbus has yellow berries but I would like red.

21 Apr, 2019


Was interested as I love rowans so Googled it.
You might find this link helpful

Rowans are supposed to protect you against witchcraft - you never know when this might come in handy...

21 Apr, 2019


Thank you ...I'll take a look at that.
Abit of good luck always comes in handy!😊

22 Apr, 2019


mine is grown from a berry that I collected in the wild. they are a deep orange rather than a true red. So, sorry I cant give it a varietal name.

I knew that about witchcraft Stera it was one of the folklore stories I was told as a child. :o)

23 Apr, 2019


Lol Sbg. We don't believe the witchcraft stories, so why do I apologise to my elder when I have to cut a branch off....

23 Apr, 2019


Be careful it's not planted close to a pathway. We have one alongside a driveway which is then covered in red berries and 'walked' into the house and stains the carpet. I now cut off the berries as they appear in the late summer.

23 Apr, 2019

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