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Cherry tree
Hi all, I have a cherry tree which is now some 6 years old.
Every year it produces masses of flowers, but there has never been any fruit. There are plenty of bees and insects to pollinate, but nothing seems to set.
Does anyone have any ideas?



Are you sure it is a fruiting variety and not grown just for it's wonderful blossom?

27 Apr, 2019


I assume it is an edible cherry and not one of the ornamentals. Usually sweet cherries need a pollinating partner nearby whilst sour cherries not so.
also late frosts can damage the flower so even if pollinated the fruit wont set. They are sensitive to cool temperatures about 1c is low enough to damage the flower even though they may look perfectly ok.

27 Apr, 2019


If it doesn’t produce in another two years it is most likely an ornamental variety.

27 Apr, 2019

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