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I can't believe it but I have completely forgotten to prune my roses this year. They are in pots, but one (a climbing rose) is in the soil. I think perhaps that the climber shouldn't be pruned anyway. Shall I just leave them? They have buds on them.



Not pruned your roses!? Are you some kind of maniac 😄
With climbing roses if you've got long, whippy stems you can train them down to the sides to fill more space. Moving the highest-growing tips down below their stems will make new growth spring up along the length of the stem.
Keep an eye out for any pots toppling over when the soil's dry &/or we get gales with extra top growth

9 May, 2019


I agree the climber's whippy stems trained horizontal will induce more flowers. as for the others if you have any stems with out buds you could prune them down to the 2 lower growth. when the flowers have finished prune those back and this will encourage even more growth. I have done this with neglected roses in my middle brother's garden. neither he or his wife are gardeners.

9 May, 2019


Thanks so much for your advice. I'll do what you suggest.

9 May, 2019


Thanks from me too! I’ve a “climber/rambler” and it’s grown horizontally along a fence above my rockery. I’ve done a little pruning, but, I’ll take on board what’s been advised to Lynnemary.

9 May, 2019

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