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Hi, I’ve sown a lawn (shady area mix) and it’s looking like it’s going to be ready for its first cut soon. Only problem is I’ve also mixed in some daisy and clover seeds too. I’m worried they might not survive the mowing, as they are only tiny seedlings. Any advice?
Photo added, you can see what I think are daisies (might be weeds though)...




if you set the baldes high they will skim over the top of the seedlings. I suspect there will be other weed seeds in there. bear in mind that daisies are regularly nibbled by grazing animals and keep on growing.

16 May, 2019


As Seaburn says set the mower blade to about 8-10cm. I've got a lot of clover & even the bits I often walk on spring back up if I'm away for a week.
Good job not growing another grass desert by the way😊

16 May, 2019


Unless you have a hover mower, the first cut shouldn't be done with a mower I'm afraid - it may rip the roots out, so its by hand with shears - my lawn book says for the first two cuts,then the third you can risk a mower. But as I say, if you have a hover mower, you can risk using that for the first cut, I have before and it was fine.

16 May, 2019


Thanks for your answers! Yup, trying to help the bees here!
I have a hand mower which you push and the blades spin around. Problem with hand shears is you do a lot more treading on the grass, I expect. Maybe I’ll leave it a bit for the grass to get stronger.

16 May, 2019


I used to work off a board to spread weight and reduce compaction - mine was just an old shelf,but any thing flat, rigid and big enough will do. If you think about it, you will have to walk all over it to use your mower, as well as risk tearing it out by the roots, but if your mower blades are good and sharp, there's less risk of ripping it out. But there's no way of avoiding walking over it either way... First cut is best done when the grass is about 4 inches high, taking only about half an inch of growth, whichever cutting method you use.

16 May, 2019


Okay, I’ll do that. I have a board. I think shears will allow me to avoid some of the clover/daisies/weeds too! (can’t tell what they are at the moment!)

16 May, 2019

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