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west sussex, United Kingdom

In the past two weeks, I have noticed two beautiful Acasia trees in full purple/blue flower. One was near the A3 and I think it may have been in the grounds of Wisley and the other in the garden near me in West Sussex. I've never seen these in the UK before and wonder if it has anything to do with the intense heat last summer?



Are you sure it was Acacia you saw and not Cercis? Acacia baileyana 'purpurea' might be it otherwise, but they're only frost hardy, though in a very sheltered spot in the south, maybe they would survive long enough to flower... not sure if the heat last year has anything to do with it though.

18 May, 2019


Oops I think it might have been Jacaranda - I only saw them from the car.

18 May, 2019


I doubt its Jacaranda either - that's a tropical/sub tropical plant. Perhaps it was Cercis, although the flowers on that are rather more pink than you're describing...

18 May, 2019


Could be Paulownia tomentosa. Look it up and see if you recognise it.

18 May, 2019


You've got me thoroughly confused now! I saw the same trees in Spain a few years ago and they were definitely more on the pale purple blue side. I really wasn't near enough to see but I might pop into the house near me that has it and ask. Thanks everyone.

18 May, 2019


It couldn't have been a Ceanothus, could it? They can get small tree sized....

18 May, 2019


It was quite a big tree. Saw it again today on the motorway up to Bucks. I'll post when I have asked the owner near to me.

19 May, 2019

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