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Good day to you, Would anyone know what this could be on a palm tree I do not know the name of the tree, but it is like big fans. There are 2 of these thingys growing between the trunk and the outer side, sorry I don't know how to explain it, I have had the tree for approx. 20 years and never seen anything like this before on it. Thank you for any info you might be able to give.



Trachycarpus fortunei and it looks like a flower bud to me.

20 May, 2019


yes I agree it is and its a flower bud.

20 May, 2019


Thankyou for your replies Jimmy and Seaburngirl, I cannot believe how this 'seed pod' has grown in just 2 days, I can actually see the seeds now. Now I have the name Trachycarpus, I have renamed him Terry simply because I cannot pronounce the real name. Thanks again. Louplou

21 May, 2019


They are flower buds Loupylou, you may find after they flowers fade you get seeds too.

22 May, 2019


Thanks Seaburngirl, I am waiting in anticipation of the opening of the pod.

22 May, 2019


That "pod" will open in to a spray of flowering stems.

22 May, 2019

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