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Spray Rose's?

Hi all, well it's been such a busy few months. Hope you all are well and enjoying the garden. Am trying this year to do better and spray my Rose's with Rose clear ultra but I have a little voice in the back of my head that I shouldn't get it on open blooms? Is this right? Thanks Jen



I can't see any reason not to get spray on the blooms. Only best to spray in the evening when the sunshine is cool and bees are not present.

21 May, 2019


Thank you, I just had this little voice. Thought I had read it somewhere but then couldn't find it. I got blackspot last year so promised myself I would do better this years lol.

21 May, 2019


I suspect only thing about spraying blooms could be water spotting in hot sun, not a problem unless wanting choice blooms for vases or show

21 May, 2019


Thank Grandad Gar, not pushing my luck with even cutting for indoors, I have 3 German Shepherds and youngest horror is only 6 months old and not in control of his body yet which is already over 30kg lol

24 May, 2019

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