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I have a small garden but every year it is invaded by lots of hard weeds, particularly growing in cracks on the paved areas. I normally used Roundup to make the task a little easy - my energy and strength are limited. After this year law suit and subsequent revelations about the health impacto of glyphosate, I would not use it without a protective mask.
My questions are:
1. Do you thing this would make the task safer?
2.Can anyone in the community recommend an appropriate mask? The majority seem to protect only from dust.
3. Do you think that spraying directly from the container's nozzle would be dangerous" 3. Are there any other non- carcinogen herbicide or method that would kill the roots?
I would be grateful for any advice.



The lawsuit was won by someone that used roundup a lot & for many years. It can probably be absorbed through the skin. Whether there are other, equally effective systemic herbicides without glyphosate remains to be seen.
It's all down to personal choice really? I'm not sure it's something anyone would feel comfortable recommending any more though I'm only speaking for myself of course.
You could fill the cracks with something that you'd like that would help keep down the weeds down? Use physical barriers, even salt the cracks if the run-off wouldn't cause problems.
Personally, I wouldn't totally rule out using roundup again in my small garden but very reluctantly & carefully & only on dandelions, mare's tail & the like.

2 Jun, 2019


You can accomplish the same result with a mixture of vinegar & salt. Put mixture into spray bottle .Cost effective and does the same thing.

2 Jun, 2019


If you do decide to use glyphosate again but wish to avoid inhaling droplets you can dilute it and water it on using a weeding watering can that has a bar instead of a rose.
Paul can you give quantities or proportions please?

2 Jun, 2019


I've used vinegar mixes, they kill the leaves effectively but they're not systemic so any strong rooted weeds will come back

2 Jun, 2019


Natural Weed Killer

1 gallon white vinegar
1 cup salt
1 tablespoon liquid dish soap
Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and treat weeds at the sunniest time of day for best results.

3 Jun, 2019


Many thanks to you all for your advice. I will try salt and vinegar, although I had already read it is not systemic and would not kill the roots.
I am trying to buy a respiratory mask, but most are made to protect from dust rather than from vapour, even the more expensive. The buyers' reviews are confusing also: either they do not fit or are not good. I asked in my local garden centre and they have not yet thought of including protective masks in their stock. Any one of you know of an effective one for this purpose?

3 Jun, 2019


No but if you use a watering can with a bar rose you won't be inhaling any droplets.

3 Jun, 2019


I wouldn't worry about expensive face masks, as I said glyphosate can be absorbed through the skin. The chap that sued Monsanto had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma preceded by severe skin lesions from using roundup regularly for multi hour sessions over years.
If you have to use it just do so very carefully & infrequently. Windless, dry days, cover up with sleeves & gloves, use the squirt setting rather than the mister type & wash afterwards.
We all take risks every day, as long as you're informed & cautious the risks are reduced to minimal enough to get on with enjoying life😊

3 Jun, 2019


Thank you Steragram and Darren8. I think your advice is good and I intend to follow it.


4 Jun, 2019

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