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Apple tree pruning and healthMy apple tree had masses of fruit last year


By Sunbeam

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Apple tree pruning and health
My apple tree had masses of fruit last year. It’s had no blossoms this year but I’ve heard often they miss a year. It has grown a lot and some branches are getting too tall also on some of the branches the leaves have lots of brown spots
Can I trim it back now and do I need to treat the spots
It’s a tree with 3 different types on it - I know one is coxes
Help please !

You can tell by all my questions that I’ve got time to concentrate on my garden a bit !




Not a good idea to trim back now, that will only stimulate the tree into producing even more shoots than you currently have

Major surgery is best done later in the year when growth is over

It is common for "Family" trees for one variety to dominate, it's the nature of the beast, you will have to work out which one that is and curb it's enthusiasm by pruning. Often it is the Cooker among them, a Bramley perhaps?

Brown spots, I wouldn't worry too much about that if tree is mainly healthy

10 Jun, 2019


Thank you very much. Meant to attach this photo of the spots!

10 Jun, 2019


It's probably too big a subject for replies here but the RHS site has more detailed information & Gardenfocused is good too. I've recently got pears & I find it's so much easier to take things in with pictures. Good thing is that pruning guides for apples & pears aren't UK specific so you get a wide choice including YouTube, etc.😊

10 Jun, 2019


If it's any help, I drastically pruned my apple last year to make it a manageable height, heavy pruning using a saw with boughs thicker than your arm

Loads of blossom this year and fruit set. But it had plenty last year as well, but out of reach

10 Jun, 2019


Thank you - this is such a helpful site I always turn to it first as I can mostly understand the advice!

10 Jun, 2019

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