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Plant (or weed!). ID please
HI All,
Anyone know what this is? Have 3 come up in my garden and can't recall if its something I've planted or if it is a weed!!



I reckon that's Salsify! Lucky you!

20 Jun, 2019


Tragopogon porrifolius

20 Jun, 2019


it sure is. a native wild flower, seed dispersed by wind. I actually like it so I wouldn't call it a weed. if you don't want it then it is a weed and remove before it seeds further. one of its common names is 'jack go to bed at noon' as the flowers are only open in the morning.

20 Jun, 2019


Wow thanks all for the info! Did think the flower had opened but then doubted myself when it wasn't

20 Jun, 2019

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