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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Can anybody identify this plant which is in my friends garden. To me it looks like a succulent and is about 4 Ft tall. It stays in the garden all year round so it is quite hardy. Thank you for any ideas !



Could it be a Red Yucca? Hesperaloe? I've never seen a Yucca with this flower type, but they are hardy according to Davesgarden. Not sure. Hope someone else knows.

20 Jun, 2019


Yes I think you are right Karen.

20 Jun, 2019


Hi, do you mean the small plant this side of the fence, or the large flower stem on the other side of the fence ?, if the latter, I would agree with Karen, Hesperaloe parviflora, or red Yucca, although it isn't a true Yucca, but the flower stem looks very thick, Derek.

20 Jun, 2019


Derek the main part of the plant is the large flower on the other side of the fence.
You all seem to agree that it is a type of Ucca. Thank you Karen, Eileen and Derek for your speedy reply 😄

20 Jun, 2019


:) Welcome x

21 Jun, 2019


I have done some Research on the Internet and there is lots information on there . It is closely related to Agaves.
It is fascinating what you can find.

21 Jun, 2019


It looks like a Yucca gloriosa, to me. Under certain weather conditions, the flower stalks can develop a pinkish or purplish tint.

23 Jun, 2019

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