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Viburnum Davidii attack What’s assaulting my viburnum?

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Viburnum Davidii attack

What’s assaulting my viburnum? This shrub has always been so reliable but something’s got to it. Does anyone know what?



If there is a terrible smell around the shrub then it is Viburnum beetle. Certainly that is what the damage looks like to me.

21 Jun, 2019


The damage looks very like that which has attacked my dwarf apple tree. When I uncurled a leaf there was some sort of fluff and black specks. There doesn’t seem to be a smell, Owd, but I have another viburnum only a couple of feet away which is showing a few signs too. I’ve sprayed with a generic bug killer in the hope that will arrest the damage. No flowers this year either then. Thank you, Owd.

22 Jun, 2019


I reckon Viburnum beetle too - Viburnum tinus is its favourite, but it can affect all Viburnums, though V. davidii often escapes (but clearly not always!). Info on the beetle and treatment for it below

22 Jun, 2019


Rats! I was hoping someone would come up with an alternative. Thanks for the info both of you. I shall look it up ASAP.

22 Jun, 2019


i had this beetle on my viburnum tinus for 2 years running. It was really severe so I decided to cut the bush to the ground and get someone to come and dig it out, but I didn't get round to finding anyone to dig and after a year, when I thought the plant was dead it sprang up again from the roots and it hasn't had the beetle for 3 years now.

23 Jun, 2019


Thank you all. I have cut all the damaged leaves off but I wonder if the problem was exacerbated by the bushy Aquilegia growing through it. I've also cut that right down. I shall wait and see what happens.

24 Jun, 2019

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