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I have a Sarcoccoca in a tub beside the front door. I love it but it’s now sending up numerous suckers. Do I have to take it out of the pot to remove them? I’ve tried pulling them off but they don’t want to come.



wellif yo need to take them off the roots then you will have to expose them. I must admit I have never bothered to do that.

22 Jun, 2019


I usually push down with a knife between the main plant and the suckers leaving a small root and then pot them on for another plant. Otherwise just sever then from the main plant and dispose of them.

22 Jun, 2019


So are you saying that it's ok to leave the suckers, Seaburn? Won't the shrub revert?

24 Jun, 2019


the shrub should be on its own rootstock [I am not aware that is grafted like roses] so the suckers are the same as the parent. So no reversion. As jimmy says they can be potted up and sold on at plant fairs etc as being the same as the parent. They can form a 'thicket' of stems and this can look very pretty in a shady garden. Have seen this somewhere, several years ago but cant remember where.

24 Jun, 2019


In that case I'll leave the suckers growing in the pot.

Thank you all for your advice.

27 Jun, 2019

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