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Hi All!
Last year I was given some free begonias with an order. Thanks for those of you who suggested I plant them in hanging baskets to hang down, which I have done this time around.
Unfortunately, I pulled the top of one begonia - the tuber is still intact - and put it in some water not really expecting it to survive. However, it seems to be growing roots, or am I imagining it???? If these are roots then presumably I can replant it but will it come up next year?



yes they will be roots. when there are several of a decent size then yes pot up in a good compost. I would have it in a pot this year. At the end of the year leave it undisturbed in the pot and keep it frost free. in the spring carefully check to see if it has formed a tuber. when you start the others into growth start this one at the same time.

26 Jun, 2019


Thanks, Seaburngirl! It has grown a few more shoots overnight. Will keep it in a pot as you suggest when they develop a bit more. From what you say it will eventually form another tuber. Glad I haven't actually killed it off!

27 Jun, 2019

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