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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom

My know-all friend tells me it’s not really worth mixing comfrey with water to treat the plants and that it would do just as much good to put all the leaves in the compost bin to improve the compost. I don’t think he’s right ?



Isn't it a different kind of thing? Liquid fertilisers are immediately available to plants & can even be used as foliar sprays. Comfrey tea is easy & quick to make too compared to good compost.
I haven't got the space to grow comfrey but I'd highly recommend a wormery. Adding a couple of handfuls of the compost they create to a bucket of rain water, straining it & using to water promotes the soil bacteria as well as adding nutrients

26 Jun, 2019


Really it depends on whether you want a liquid feed or good compost...circumstances alter cases.

26 Jun, 2019


if you want liquid feed then comfrey is excellent. It is readily absorbed by plants as a foliar feed or by root uptake. if you only want to compost it then it adds its nutrients to that. but both are valuable methods of making nutrients available to plants.

26 Jun, 2019


Thanks folk, I think I’ll stick to the comfrey tea I’ve always made.

28 Jun, 2019

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