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Please can you help - The attached photos show a wisteria plant. It had flourished up to the end of last summer (2018) when it was cut back as shown (1). This early spring (2019) it developed the small buds on some branches shown in (2 & 3) - since then the buds have barely grown at all but do not appear to have withered. Is there any hope or has the pruning been too severe and killed the plant? As always, will appreciate any comments/advice and give thanks in advance. JS



What is the Wisteria planted into? It looks like it might be a raised bed or something? How deep is the soil beneath, or is it like a pot, with a bottom? Trying to work out how much root room the plant has....

27 Jun, 2019


That wasn't a Wisteria prune, that was a severe hack down, I reckon. If you are very lucky it might recover & those buds might grow, however, it will take some time to get over being butchered like that. I find that plants have a strong will to live tho', so fingers crossed!

27 Jun, 2019


scrape a bit of the bark back with your thumb nail. if the stem is brown then it is dead if it is greenish then give it time.

27 Jun, 2019


If you ever have reason do something similar again do it in two halves so there are still some leaves left to support the roots. Hope it survives!

28 Jun, 2019


I just want to say that our enormous Wisteria here was cut back similar to this last year in early June, down to about 3 feet from the ground. It didn't do much last year, but its romping away now, so cutting it right down shouldn't have killed it - but insufficient root room might.

28 Jun, 2019

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