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By Rogger

Norfolk, United Kingdom

I have had two very successful rose gardens for around 25 years. I prune, dead-head, mulch and water from my well regularly. However, this year, four of my plants have a major problem. Virtually no leaves, very small roses and they look ill! Couple of pictures attached. Has anybody any idea what the problem is please?



could the well have been contaminated somehow

30 Jun, 2019


a few years ago there was a problem with mulches that had been made from plants that had been treated with some herbicide. This caused stunted growth for that year only. wonder if that has been the problem.

30 Jun, 2019


The well is actually my main water supply and is a 180ft bore, gorgeous water with no additives!
The mulch is arborist chippings, wood, bark and so on, so not that. Been using that for several years.
Very strange to have four bushes suffer the same. I shall leave them and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions though!

30 Jun, 2019


in this months RHS magazine there is an article about a virus disease of roses called Rose rosette virus but as yet it hasn't been reported in the UK.

you could get in touch with the RHS advisory service and ask for there professional advice'

1 Jul, 2019


I think the problem was self inflicted. I used my weedkiller spray UNDER the rose bushes, but I think there was some that actually managed to kill the roses. I won't be doing that again!

9 May, 2020

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