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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Does anyone recognise this flower? It looks, to me, a bit like a pineapple plant. Whatever it is I certainly didn’t plant it as that’s where my anemones should be.



Eucomis either bicolor if its a greenish flower or autumnalis if it is a white flower.
I have these and they are a lovely bulb for mid to late summer.

30 Jun, 2019


They must have been in the packet with the anemone bulbs. Still, I’m happy with them as long as they grow a little larger.

Thank you SBG.

30 Jun, 2019


that's interesting as the bulbs/corms are bigger than gladioli ones. have they been in some time?
common name is pineapple lily due to the tuft of leaves on top of the flower spike.

30 Jun, 2019


I planted about ten anemone bulbs around the garden in the spring. No sign of the anemones whatsoever but now two Eucomis. Wonder if the anemones will appear at some time.

30 Jun, 2019


Love it, when you plant one thing & something else turns up! Surprise gardening.

1 Jul, 2019


Yes, Feverfew, especially when it’s a plant you like.

I’ve discovered a free iPhone app which identifies unknown plants. It’s called PlantSnap and it works! Easy to use too. For those of you with smart phones and short memories it could be useful.

3 Jul, 2019


I'm going to get that on this tablet. Thanks for the tip.

3 Jul, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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