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Has anyone grown peas? Mine were lost year due to the hot weather but I have tried them again. Unfortunately I have found that snails like them but haven't lost too many.
Some of the pods are now plump and look like they should be picked. I intended to put them in the freezer for future use.
Forgive the thick question but am I supposed to take them out of their pods or should I freeze them still in the pods? Strange as it may sound I cannot find this advice anywhere. This does of course suggest that it is self evident but my money is the same colour!



Take them out of the pods and if you want to keep them for a while its as well to blanch them for a couple of minutes before open freezing.

30 Jun, 2019


the smaller the pea the sweeter they are and more tender. yes depod them blanch and freeze.

30 Jun, 2019


There is a variety of peas called 'Mange tout' (French for "eat all") where you eat everything pods & all. If you don't have mange tout, then take them out of the pods and freeze them. This advice I get strictly from the frozen food section of my supermarket and they know about peas than I ever will.

I think that's a smart solution to the snail problem. Throwing chemicals around won't save your peas. If the snails don't get them, the birds will or in my case - raccoons!

1 Jul, 2019


Joan, my advice would be to eat them whilst they are fresh, unless you have so many that you can't eat them in time. There are tons of frozen peas to be had at any time but in my view, there is nothing better than your fresh, home-grown produce for taste and satisfaction.

1 Jul, 2019


I agree with JTO, eat & enjoy them while fresh, and if you are anything like the majority once you start shucking the peas quite a lot will spring directly into your mouth anyway

1 Jul, 2019


Oh yes...

1 Jul, 2019


Thanks All! I did manage to eat a few fresh out of their pods last year but there were only those due to the hot weather.

I will blanch them and save them for later!

2 Jul, 2019

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