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i have a bamboo plant in my garden its shooting up all over the garden and i cant dig it out because the roots are everywhere what can i do please



Try cutting it back and then use Round-up on it. It will take several applications, but it should help. If you can dig out any roots, that would help too, by weakening the plant.

6 Sep, 2010


Agree with spritzhenry...

I transplanted some of mine into pots (running variety!) in May and they are now starting to look healthy...

Then the remaining bamboo in the ground - we tried pulling it up by the stem first, got as much as we could that way then we cut the bamboo/foliage down so we could make sense of what we were hacking through / digging and pulling up at roots level .... It takes a lot of work and we did it bit by bit over the summer so we were weakening the plant over time, but it is really hardy and even small pieces of root severed either side is shooting up, so roundup is being used now.

If its running bamboo, see which way the roots are running and pull in that direction (google how to tell the way its running, there is a method) that may help loosen things up and weaken the plant too....

6 Sep, 2010

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